What We Offer

Do you dream of owning the ‘Prince of mobile phones’? Or put it better, the ‘Benz of phones’? Yes, we are talking about the iPhone. Most of us get butterflies in our heart when we see the ‘Cut Apple’ symbol at the back of anyone’s mobile phone. iPhones are basically high-end models and require you to spend roughly your one month’s salary at least, provided you have a hefty pay package. This may make you postpone your Apple dream or struggle with the month’s budget.

Our hand in providing you the prince

We introduce an exclusive offer of network connected iPhone at attractive EMI’s. Chose our network as your mobile service provider and earn double benefit:

You get the service with the best network coverage and high-speed data connectivity.

Your favorite model of iPhone will be yours in very affordable monthly installments.

You can select any plan with us and you will get free messages, unlimited outgoing calls to the same network and free data up to 1GB per day for one complete month. You can switch over to a different plan any-time you wish.

The scheme does not charge any extra interest or penalty. It covers all the existing models of iPhone. You can either continue with the installments or pay off the remaining amount at one time without any penalty. There is no compulsory fixed amount to be paid as down payment, even zero downpayment is available. The installments can be scheduled in two ways:

Depending on the price of the model you are buying and the down payment amount.

Depending on the duration of installment, also decided by you with an upper cut-off.

The offer is available at all authorized stores of Apple and our mobile network help centers. So, when are you planning to get your own symbol of pride?