Saving Ourselves From The Heartbreak Of A Locked iPhone


I personally never bothered to keep a security password to protect my smartphone until my smart toddler started to give me tips on using YouTube. And then the inevitable happened. In a fateful second, my nephew got hold of it without my knowledge. I came to know the dire consequences of multiple attempts to unlock a pattern password when I read on my phone, “Keypad locked due to multiple attempts”.

My head went for a toss, not because of the many pennies I had spun on it, but because I had lost most of my important personal and professional contacts, and confidential notes which I had saved on my phone.  Mine was a budget phone due to which financial loss was not bothering, that too after three years of buying it.

My phone failed to recognize the email id through which backup was set and I had no choice but to get the help of a service personnel. This led me to think about the anxiety faced by an iPhone user in a similar situation. Then I realized that it is not a rare issue or a problem without a solution. Similar issues occur with iPhone also. To tackle them, shall we discuss on how to get your iphone unlocked

iPhone allows six attempts to enter the password

If you are not able to enter the correct password on your iPhone in the sixth attempt also, then a message will be displayed reading that the iPhone is disabled. You can wait for a minute and then try again to enter the password. If this continues and still you are unsuccessful, the message reading that the iPhone is locked will be displayed, but with it, you will see a second message “Connect to iTunes”.


Unlocking the phone with a power cycle

If your iPhone gets locked up due to any different problem like a program crash or some functioning error, you can try a simple reset. For the models with versions 3 to 5, press the sleep/wake button and switch off the phone with the ‘Power off’ slider. If this does not work, you can try pressing the same button with the ‘Home’ button until the Apple logo appears. Your phone will then reboot and you can continue using it. This method will erase all the data in your phone, so you should go with it if there is a previous backup or the data is not very significant.

Unlocking when your phone is synced to iTunes

If your phone with iOS version 6 has been synced with iTunes, then you can restore it easily with a computer and data cable. The best option is to use the same computer which was used for syncing the phone previously. If it is not available, download and install iTunes on the available computer and connect the iPhone through the cable. For other versions of iOS here may be only a slight difference in the method.

Usually, iTunes launches automatically after installation. If not, manually open it and check for your phone’s detection by the computer. The iPhone will appear on the sidebar in the desktop window. Right click on it and select ‘Backup’. The backup option will create a copy of all the data in the phone which you can use for transferring to the phone later. On completing the backup, click ‘Restore’ or ‘Restore from Backup’ by going to the ‘Devices’ in ‘File’.

The backup date given should be one before you had put the password. If you see an error message on the computer asking for entering the password for accessing the phone, disconnect the phone from the data cable. Switch off the iPhone and reconnect it to the USB by pressing down the ‘Home’ button until the message ‘Connect to iTunes’ is displayed. Then select ‘Restore’.

If nothing done from your side works, then you should approach your carrier from whom you purchased the iPhone. They should definitely be able to unlock it. The best advice I would give is irrespective of whether you use a low-end regular phone or the high-end ones like iPhone and the Blackberry, always keep a backup of the data on a different storage device, Google Drive or iCloud. As rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”, whether it is for humans or for human-made devices.